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Specificity of the pulmonary artery catheter in classifying the type of shock

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To evaluate the utility of the pulmonary artery catheter (PAC) to classify the type of shock in hemodynamic instability patients with no known reason.

Materials and methods

Nineteen patients from Grajau State Hospital ICU who had shock diagnosis and those who needed a PAC to diagnose were evaluated.


The average age was 49 years and the APACHE II average score was 17. The average catheter length of stay was 3.68 days. The most common reason for inpatient admission was cardiovascular (42.1%), followed by respiratory (26.3%); 52.6% of clinical diagnoses were of distributive shock, only 42.1% were confirmed by catheter. Cardiogenic shock was diagnosed in 42.1% before the catheter, and after the PAC it was 26.3%. Hypovolemic shock had the same rate of 5.2% before and after catheter insertion.


Even with a clinical body being well trained to classify shock and the low number of patients in this study, the PAC is certainly useful to predict the type of shock.


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