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Table 5 Predicted risk for death for a patient with median characteristics in different organizational settings

From: The influence of volume and intensive care unit organization on hospital mortality in patients admitted with severe sepsis: a retrospective multicentre cohort study

Number of failing organ systems No medium care unit Medium care unit
  Lower volume quantilea Upper volume quantileb Lower volume quantilea Upper volume quantileb
1 29.6 26.0 35.3 31.3
2 29.8 26.2 35.5 31.5
3 32.2 28.4 38.2 34.1
4 34.7 30.8 40.8 36.6
5 37.9 33.8 44.2 39.9
  1. The values show the predicted risk for death for a male patient with severe sepsis of median age (67 years) with a median SAPS II score (45 points) with different values of organ failure, admitted to an ICU at the 50th percentile of the lower and upper volume quantile, respectively, for an ICU with and without a medium care unit as a step-down facility in the hospital. aAnnual sepsis volume: 38 patients. bAnnual sepsis volume: 96 patients. All values indicate percentages. ICU, intensive care unit; SAPS, Simplified Acute Physiology Score.