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Table 3 Typical indications for nocturnal NIPPV according to disease process and severity

From: Clinical review: Long-term noninvasive ventilation

Disease Symptoms and night/day CO2 Symptoms and only night CO2 No/limited symptoms but night/day CO2 Usual daily duration of NIPPV
Scoliosis Yes Yes Perhaps <12 hours
Tuberculosis Yes Yes Perhaps <12 hours
Neuromuscular stable or slow Yes Perhaps Perhaps 18–24 hours
Neuromuscular intermediate Yes Perhaps Perhaps 18–24 hours
Neuromuscular rapid Yes Yes Yes 24 hours
COPD Perhaps No No 12 hours
Bronchiectasis/cystic fibrosis Perhaps No No 18–24 hours
Obesity hypoventilation Perhaps Perhaps No <12 hours
  1. ↑, Increase; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NIPPV, noninvasive positive pressure ventilation.