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Table 3 Detailed description of the surgical patients

From: Neutrophil apoptosis: a marker of disease severity in sepsis and sepsis-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome

Patient Group
Uncomplicated sepsis (n = 8)
  Diagnosis Site of infection Microorganism Material Surgery
1 Pneumonia/Intracerebral haemorrhage Respiratory Pseudomonas aeruginosa Sputum Craniotomy
2 Pneumonia/COPD Respiratory P. aeruginosa Sputum Aortic-femoral bypass
3 Pneumonia/Perforated ulcer Abdominal Candida albicans Ascites Laparatomy
4 Cholangitis/UTI Abdominal/Urinary Enterococcus sp/Escherichia coli Blood/Urine Exploratory laparotomy
5 Pneumonia/Peritonitis/Colonic perforation due to colonoscopy Respiratory/Abdominal Enterobacter sp/Not identified Sputum/Blood Exploratory laparotomy
6 Cholecystitis Abdominal Enterococcus sp Blood Cholecystectomy
7 Pneumonia/Intracerebral haemorrhage Respiratory Enterobacter sp, Haemophilus sp, and Staphylococcus aureus Sputum Craniotomy
8 Pneumonia/Stroke/UTI/Celulitis Respiratory/Urinary/Skin Not identified/Enterobacter sp/S. aureus Sputum/Urine/Skin secretion Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Septic shock (n = 11)
  Diagnosis Site of infection Microorganism Material Surgery
1 Pneumonia Respiratory/Catheter P. aeruginosa/S. aureus Sputum/Catheter Carotid aneurysm repair
2 Diverticulitis/UTI Abdominal/Urinary Not identified/Candida sp Blood/Urine Small bowel resection with anastomosis
3 Perforated peptic ulcer/Cirrhosis/Alcohol abuse Abdominal S. aureus Blood/Ascites Laparatomy
4 Septic arthritis (Hip) Joint Streptococcus agalactiae Joint fluid Surgical drainage
5 Pneumonia/Head trauma (subdural haematoma) Respiratory Not identified Sputum/Blood Craniotomy
6 Pyelonephritis/Nephrolitiasis/Neurogenic bladder Urinary Staphylococcus sp/P. aeruginosa Blood/Urine Nephrectomy and abscess drainage
7 Perforated peptic ulcer Abdominal S. aureus, Streptococcus viridans, and Enterobacter sp Ascites Exploratory laparotomy
8 Pneumonia/Endocarditis/Intracerebral haemorrhage Respiratory/Heart Pseudomonas sp/Not identified Sputum/Blood Craniotomy
9 Pneumonia/COPD/UTI Oesophageal laceration Respiratory/Urinary S. aureus and Acinetobacter sp/E. coli Sputum/Urine Oesophageal laceration repair
10 Cholangitis Abdominal E. coli Blood Exploratory laparotomy
11 Peritonitis/Perforated peptic ulcer Abdominal Enterococcus sp, Candida sp, and S. aureus Ascites Laparotomy
Sepsis-induced ARDS (n = 9)
  Diagnosis Site of infection Microorganism Material Surgery
1 Cholangitis Abdominal Klebsiella pneumoniae Ascites Hepatic artery aneurysm ligation
2 Diverticulitis Abdominal E. coli Blood Small bowel resection with anastomosis
3 Pneumonia Respiratory P. aeruginosa Sputum Pleurostomy closure
4 Pneumonia Respiratory Staphylococcus coag neg Blood C-section
5 Septic arthritis Hip joint Staphylococcus haemolyticus Blood Hip drainage
6 UTI/Intestinal fistula Urinary Candida sp and Enterococcus sp Blood and urine Intestinal fistula closure
7 Pneumonia/UTI/Peripheral vascular disease Respiratory/Urinary/Skin Not identified/Candida sp/S. aureus Sputum/Urine/Skin secretion Above-knee amputation
8 Septic arthritis Hip joint Stenotroptomonas maltophilia and Staphylococcus coag neg/S. agalactiae Blood and joint fluid Hip drainage
9 Cholecystitis Abdominal/Catheter E. coli/S. aureus Blood/Catheter Cholecystectomy
Mechanical ventilation (n = 9)
  Diagnosis Surgery    
1 Head trauma (subdural haematoma) Craniotomy    
2 Intracerebral haemorrhage Craniotomy    
3 Head trauma (subdural haematoma) Craniotomy    
4 Head trauma (subdural haematoma) Craniotomy    
5 Head trauma (epidural haematoma) Craniotomy    
6 Uterine leyomioma Hysterectomy    
7 Abdominal trauma Exploratory laparotomy    
8 Head trauma (subdural haematoma) Craniotomy    
9 Intracerebral haemorrhage Craniotomy    
Controls (n = 11)
1 Humeral prostheses     
2 Inguinal hernia repair     
3 Septoplasty     
4 Inguinal hernia repair     
5 Arthrodesis (tibia-tarsus)     
6 Tibial osteosynthesis     
7 Septoplasty     
8 Diaphragmatic hernia repair and laparoscopic fundoplication     
9 Iliofemoral bypass     
10 Incisional hernia repair     
11 Septoplasty     
  1. ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome; COPD, chronic obstructive respiratory disease; UTI, urinary tract infection.