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Table 1 Select components of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign [7]

From: Drotrecogin alfa (activated) should not be used in patients with severe sepsis and low risk for death

▪ Early goal-directed resuscitation
▪ Appropriate diagnostic studies prior to antibiotics
▪ Early broad-spectrum antibiotics
▪ Narrowing antibiotic therapy based on microbiology and clinical data
▪ Source control
▪ Stress-dose steroids for septic shock
▪ DrotAA for patients with severe sepsis and high risk for death
▪ Target hemoglobin values of 7–9 g/dL in absence of coronary artery disease or acute hemorrhage
▪ Lung protective ventilation for ALI/ARDS
▪ Semirecumbent bed position
▪ Protocols for weaning and sedation/analgesia
▪ Avoidance of neuromuscular blockers
▪ Maintenance of blood glucose <150 mg/dL
▪ Deep vein thrombosis/stress ulcer prophylaxis
  1. ALI/ARDS = Acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome