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Table 2 Surviving Sepsis Campaign: sepsis resuscitation bundle

From: Hemodynamic optimization of sepsis-induced tissue hypoperfusion

Step Details
1 Serum lactate measured
2 Blood cultures obtained before antibiotic administration
3 From the time of presentation, broad-spectrum antibiotics administered within 3 hours for ED admissions and 1 hour for non-ED intensive care unit admissions
4 In the event of hypotension and/or lactate >4 mmol/l (36 mg/dl):
     Deliver an initial minimum of 20 ml/kg of crystalloid (or colloid equivalent)
     Apply vasopressors for hypotension not responding to initial fluid resuscitation to maintain mean arterial pressure >65 mmHg
5 In the event of persistent hypotension despite fluid resuscitation (septic shock) and/or lactate >4 mmol/l (36 mg/dl):
     Achieve central venous pressure >8 mmHg
     Achieve central venous oxygen saturation >70%
  1. ED, emergency department.