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Table 1 Indices of sepsis-induced tissue hypoperfusion

From: Hemodynamic optimization of sepsis-induced tissue hypoperfusion

Measure Details
Indices of global hypoperfusion Hypotension
  Delayed capillary refill
  Clouded sensorium
  Elevated blood lactate
  Low mixed venous O2 saturation
Indices of regional hypoperfusion Markers of organ function
     Cardiac: myocardial ischemia
     Renal: decreased urine output, increased blood urea nitrogen and creatinine
     Hepatic: increased transaminases, increased lactate dehydrogenase, increased bilirubin
     Splanchnic: stress ulceration, ileus, malabsorbtion
  Direct assessment
     Tonometry: increased gastric mucosal CO2 tension
     Sublingual capnometry: increased sublingual CO2 tension
     Near infrared spectroscopy: decreased tissue O2 saturation
     Orthogonal polarization spectral imaging: low flow velocity score