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Significance of the qualified psychotherapeutic care in the PTSR development


Kuzbass is the largest industrial region of the mines, heavy metallurgy and transport industry, which governs the high level of traumatism increase, twice as large as the national level. Treatment of patients with severe trauma was directed to the physical state in most cases. The psychogenic factor is not spared by attention. It is known that instantly or in a short time period after the physical trauma there are the different psychic disorders connected with stress in most people.


The analysis of the factors' role in the complex study of the endured traumas' consequences (head injuries, fractures of the locomotor system, burns), occurring in extreme situations. The problem's actuality is conditioned by the necessity for social psychological adaptation of the patients.

Materials and methods

We examined the patient group with different traumas occurring in extreme conditions. The patients suffered from the sleep disorders, anxiety, affective and other psychopathologic disorders apart from the main pathology. All patients received psychological care from relatives, medical staff, and social organizations. However, during all periods of hospitalization psychotherapy was included in the rehabilitation complex program only in some of the patients. Furthermore, we observed dynamically two patients groups. The psychotherapy specialist worked in the first group, whereas in the complex treatment of the second group psychotherapy was not included.


Most patients of the first group lose many symptoms of the psychic disorders. The second group demonstrated various dynamics. We observed a reduction of the psychopathological disorders in one part of the patients, and their development with formation of the PTSR signs, adaptation disorders and specific phobias in other part. Some members of the patients' families had nerve psychic disorders.


Analysis showed that the psychological support of nonspecialists is important but it is not adequate in the different traumas occurring in extreme cases. The circumstances of the trauma require qualified psychotherapeutic care not only to the patient, but also to the members of his/her family.

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