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Non-invasive assessment of cardiac index: comparison between PiCCO and LiDCO


The aim of the study was to compare measurements of cardiac index (CI) obtained with PiCCO (P) and LiDCO (L) before and after fluid challenge (FC) in eight critically ill patients.


We studied eight patients (seven males), aged 20–82 (49 ± 23) years, admitted to our ICU for head injury (four patients), septic shock (one patient), ARDS (one patient), SAH (one patient), PO NCH (one patient). The APACHE II score was 22–32 (27.75 ± 5.2), SAPS II was 44–77 (59.12 ± 11.4). They were all monitored with P and L systems, to evaluate the CI, and received FC to optimize fluid loading. Haemodynamic measurements were made before and after FC with colloids (5 ml/kg in 30 min). Only data of calibration provided from PiCCO and LiDCO measurements were considered. Statistical analysis was performed with correlation and the Bland and Altman test.


Twenty-two samples of data were collected. The CI P range was 3.75–7.1 (4.4 ± 1.29) l/min/m2 before FC and 2.75–7.41 (4.94 ± 1.42) l/min/m2. The CI L before FC was 2.05–7.3 (4.4 ± 1.75) l/min/m2and was 2.7–6.84 (4.56 ± 1.37) l/min/m2 after FC. The correlation coefficient found is 0.823 (P < 0.001). The 95% CI was 0.6156–0.942. The overall mean CO P – CO L difference was 0.19 l, with ± 1.96 SD of -1.53 and 1.91 l, respectively. One measurement (4.5%) extended beyond the lower SD limit.


CI measurements obtained with the L system provided acceptably comparable measurement with those of the P even if a larger population study is needed to confirm these preliminary data.

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Donati, A., Nardella, R., Valentini, C. et al. Non-invasive assessment of cardiac index: comparison between PiCCO and LiDCO. Crit Care 10 (Suppl 1), P332 (2006).

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