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Table 4 Potential preoperative and intraoperative variables associated withpostoperative mortality by univariate and multivariate analyses in those 32patients who required critical care services during postoperative care

From: The critically ill patient after hepatobiliary surgery

Variables Univariate (P) Multivariate (P)
Preoperative variables   
   Age 0.999
   Sex 0.119
   History of cirrhosis/portal hypertesion 0.053 0.194
   History of viral hepatitis 0.044 0.802
   History of jaundice 0.703
   History of cardiac disease 0.718
   Diabetes mellitus 0.999
   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 0.999
   Preoperative biliary instrumentation 0.703
   Preoperative biliary drainage 0.999
       Hepatocellular carcinoma 0.999
       Pancreatic/peripancreatic malignancy 0.999
       Colorectal hepatic metastases 0.999
       Noncolorectal hepatic metastases 0.999
       Cholangiocarcinoma 0.540
       Benign biliary disease 0.516
       Polycystic disease of the liver 0.999
       Other disease 0.999
Intraoperative variables   
   Operative time 0.999
   Blood loss 0.999
   Intravenous fluids 0.999
   Transfusion of red blood cells 0.724
   Elective versus emergency case 0.647
   Resected for cure versus palliation 0.999
   Hepatic resection 0.726
   Biliary enteric bypass 0.620
   Pancreatic resection 0.999
   Peptic ulcer operation 0.540
   Extrahepatic bile duct resection 0.516
   Combined hepatic/pancreatic resection 0.375
   Other operations 0.999