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Table 2 Common causes of hemorrhagic shock

From: Clinical review: Hemorrhagic shock

Cause Examples (where applicable)
Antithrombotic therapy  
Gastrointestinal bleeding Esophageal varices
  Esophagogastric mucosal tear (Mallory–Weiss)
  Gastric and duodenal ulcerations
  Gastric and esophageal cancer
  Colon cancer
  Colonic diverticula
Obstetric/gynecologic Placenta previa
  Abruptio placentae
  Ruptured ectopic pregnancy
  Ruptured ovarian cyst
Pulmonary Pulmonary embolus
  Lung cancer
  Cavitary lung disease: tuberculosis, aspergillosis
  Goodpasture's syndrome
Ruptured aneurysms  
Retroperitoneal bleeding  
Trauma Lacerations
  Penetrating wounds to the abdomen and chest
  Ruptured major vessels