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Table 3 Stability of memories over time

From: Application of the Italian version of the Intensive Care Unit Memory tool in the clinical setting

Type of memory κ
Memories for factual events  
   Family 0.50
   Alarms 0.40
   Voices 0.64
   Lights 0.56
   Faces 0.53
   Breathing tube 0.82
   Suctioning 0.70
   Darkness 0.39
   Clock 0.61
   Tube in your nose 0.78
   Ward round 0.32
Memories for feelings  
   Being uncomfortable 0.62
   Feeling confused 0.72
   Feeling down 0.71
   Feeling anxious/frightened 0.59
   Panic 0.38
   Pain 0.80
Delusional memories  
   Feeling that people were trying to hurt you 0.73
   Hallucinations 0.68
   Nightmares 0.78
   Dreams 0.68
  1. Shown are Kappa (κ) values for the memories in the checklist of item 4b (see Table 1) of the Intensive Care Unit Memory (ICUM) tool.