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Table 1 Examples of autotransfusion devices

From: Intraoperative blood salvage in vascular surgery – worth the effort?

Type of device   Manufacturer
Hemofiltration only ConstaVac™ Blood Conservation System Stryker
  Autovac™ Postoperative Orthopaedic Autotransfusion Canister Boehringer Laboratories
  Solcotrans® Orthropaedic Autotransfusion System Davol
  AT200™ Hemofiltration System Hematec
Red blood cell washing OrthoPAT™ Haemonetics Corp.
  Continuous Autotransfusion System (CATS) Fresenius AG
  Cell-Saver or Cell Saver 5 Haemonetics Corp.
  Medtronic Autolog or Medtronic Sequestra 1000 Medtronic, Inc.
  Cobe Baylor Rapid Autotransfusion Device (BRAT or BRAT 2) COBE Cardiovascular