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Plasma nuclear matrix protein (NMP) levels in patients with multiple organ failure

  • S Endo1,
  • T Kasai1,
  • S Koike1,
  • Y Yamada1,
  • T Takakuwa1,
  • H Nakae1,
  • Y Inoue1,
  • T Suzuki1,
  • S Taniguchi1 and
  • K Inada2
Critical Care19971(Suppl 1):P018

Published: 1 March 1997


Public HealthCell DeathEmergency MedicineOrgan FailureCell Damage

Functional failure of an organ is caused by functional failure of its constituting cells. NMP is released upon cell death including apoptosis, the number of dying cells can be quantified by measuring the plasma NMP level. In the present study, plasma NMP levels were analysed by using an ELISA kit in 52 patients with multiple organ failure (MOF). The patients were classified into two groups: 34 patients with sepsis-associated MOF (group B). NMP is not detectable in normal subjects. The plasma NMP levels was 770 ± 932 U/ml in group A. which was higher than 478 ± 776 U/ml, the plasma NMP level group B- However, there was no significant difference between the two values. There was a significant correlation between the NMP levels and the number of organ dysfunction. Our result suggests that plasma NMP level increases in such conditions as MOF, irrespective of the presence or absence of infections, and indicates cell damage.

Authors’ Affiliations

Critical Care and Emergency Center, USA
Department of Bacteriology, Iwate Medical University, Morioka, Japan


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