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Critical Care

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Anaesthesia – critical care – emergency

Critical Care20037:196

Received: 29 January 2003

Published: 4 March 2003


anaesthesiacritical careemergency medicine

This web resource provides a selection of hyperlinks to a variety of sites of interest mainly to anaesthetists, but also contains intensive care unit and emergency medicine links. The homepage offers a choice of French or English as the primary language. There is a search function that enables one to search the links either by category or by using a word string. On the homepage there is also a link to the Medline search engine Pubmed, and a link to a collection of anaesthesia and critical care mailing lists.

The links are grouped into five main categories: 'around anaesthesia', 'anaesthesia principles', 'anaesthesia in practise', 'critical care' and 'emergency medicine'. Under each main category are subheadings that, when opened, display a list of up to 10 related hyperlinks, covering diverse related topics. Each hyperlink lists the title of the page, the address and a flag indicating the origin of the site.

The anaesthesia practise and principles sections are subdivided into several, well-defined subsections, while there are only five critical care subheadings, each containing numerous links (up to 53 per topic) which makes navigating each subsection somewhat cumbersome. This web resource is better suited to browsing interesting sites rather than as a resource to be used when seeking specific information.

The site was last updated 3 weeks before my review, but I did encounter numerous broken links.

Best feature

Numerous interesting hyperlinks collected into appropriate topics.

Worst features

Not well categorised for critical care, and numerous broken links were found.

Wish list

More critical care content, and it would be useful if sites were ranked according to importance.

Other links

Although many critical care sites list useful links, none is as comprehensive as this site.


Authors’ Affiliations

Director, Intensive Care Unit, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand


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