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ICU staff level of depression


This pilot study aims to define the occurrence of depression in ICU staff in relation with length of working time (LWT) in the ICU and with educational level (EDL) (university degree doctor [UDD], university degree nurse [UDN], technician nurse [TN], lower degree staff [LDS]).

Materials and methods

The staff of the General ICU (GICU: n = 32) and the staff of the Medical ICU (MICU: n = 15) answered the BDI-II questionnaire, which measures depression, in correlation with EDL, LWT and demographic data. Depression score: 10–17 points = mild, 18–30 points = moderate, > 30 points = major.


Total depression in GICU 37.5% (12/32) and in MICU 26.6% (4/15). Mild: GICU (n, %): 6/12, 50%; MICU (n, %): 2/4, 50%. Moderate: GICU (n, %): 4/12, 33%; MICU (n, %): 0.25, 25%. Major: GICU (n, %): 2/12, 16%; MICU (n, %): 1/4, 25%. Individuals in depression A: EDL GICU: 4/12 UDD, 3/12 UDN, 4/12 TN, 1/12 LDS; EDL MICU: 1/4 TN, 3/4 LDS; LWT mean value in GICU: UDD 14 years, UDN-TN 2 years LDS 3 years. B: LWT mean value in MICU: UDN-TN 8 years, LDS 2 years.


Results showed a higher rate of depression occurrence in GICU and especially to individuals bearing a university degree and having more than 10 years LWT in the ICU.

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