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Table 1 Karnofsky performance scale: objective assessment of physical performance and dependency

From: Quality of life effects of antithrombin III in sepsis survivors: results from the KyberSept trial [ISRCTN22931023]

Investigator assigned percentage Features
100% Normal; no complaints and no evidence of disease
90% Able to carry on normal activities; minor signs or symptoms of disease
80% Normal activities but with effort; some signs or symptoms of disease
70% Cares for self, but is unable to carry on normal activities or to do active work
60% Requires occasional assistance, but is able to care for most needs
50% Requires considerable assistance and frequent medical care
40% Disabled; requires special care and assistance
30% Severely disabled; hospitalization is indicated but death is not imminent
20% Hospitalization necessary, very sick, active supportive treatment necessary
10% Moribund; fatal processes progressing rapidly