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Figure 4

From: Double impact of cigarette smoke and mechanical ventilation on the alveolar epithelial type II cell

Figure 4

Content in heat shock protein 70 in the nuclear fraction of rat alveolar type II cells with or without exposure to smoke and mechanical ventilation. Smoke exposure and mechanical ventilation alone did not lead to an appreciable increase in Toll-like receptor 4. The combination of the two stimuli resulted in a nonsignificant increase in nuclear fraction heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) compared to both the nonsmoke/nonventilated (NS-NV) and the smoke/nonventilated (S-NV) groups. AVII: alveolar type II cells; NS-V: nonsmoke/ventilated; S-V: smoke/ventilated (P < 0.05 for NSNV vs. SV, not significant after correction for false discovery rate). Bars represent mean and standard deviation of the data.

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