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Table 2 Baseline characteristics of the study population, lung condition at inclusion, and outcomes.

From: Feasibility study on full closed-loop control ventilation (IntelliVent-ASV) in ICU patients with acute respiratory failure: a prospective observational comparative study

Number of patients 100
Age (years) 73 (64-79)
Gender (M/F) 58/42
Actual body weight (kg) 85 (60-80)
Predicted body weight (kg) 60 (53-68)
SAPS II 56 (48-69)
Mechanical ventilation duration before inclusion (days) 0.5 (0.0-0.8)
Sedation at inclusion (n) 73
Vasopressors at inclusion (n) 52
Passive ventilation duration (days) 1.0 (0.0-2.5)
Active mechanical ventilation duration (days) 1.2 (0.5-3.0)
Duration of invasive mechanical ventilation (days) 3.0 (2.0-7.0)
Post-extubation noninvasive mechanical ventilation (n) 26
Total duration of mechanical ventilation (days) 4.0 (2.0-7.0)
Reintubation (n) 2
Duration of ICU stay (days) 5 (2-10)
Duration of hospital stay (days) 11 (4-22)
ICU mortality (n) 31
Hospital mortality (n) 41
  1. Data are presented as median (25th to 75th quartile). SAPS, simplified acute physiology score.