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Table 4 Variables influencing ScvO2.

From: The effects of the semirecumbent position on hemodynamic status in patients on invasive mechanical ventilation: prospective randomized multivariable analysis

  Bivariable modela P value Multivariable modelb P value
HBE <0.001 0.003
   Time of ventilation (h) n.s. 0.036
Time of ventilation*HBE 0.035 0.035
   Norepinephrine (μg/kg/min) 0.006 0.009
   Ventilation mode n.s. 0.039
  1. aAll bivariable models include HBE as a factor.
  2. bThe multivariable model contains all variables with a P value < 0.1.
  3. HBE, head of bed elevation; n.s., not significant; ScvO2, central venous oxygen saturation.