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Epidemiological study of burns in Kurdistan province, Iran


Burn injuries still produce a significant morbidity and mortality in Iran. This study was carried out to analyze the epidemiology, mortality, and current etiological factors of burn injuries in Kurdistan province in order to develop effective burn prevention programs.


During 6 years (1994–2000), 874 patients were admitted to the burn unit of Tohid hospital affiliated to the Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences. Data were obtained by analysis of the medical records of hospitalized patients included age, sex, percentage of burn in terms of body surface, etiology, and the outcome of treatment.


The overall incidence rates of hospitalization and death were 10.8 and 3.6 per 100,000 person-years. The mean age was 20.6 years, and 58% of patients were children under 20-years-old. The highest rates of hospitalization were observed in the age groups 16–20 years (19.3/105 person-years) and ≤ 5 years (17.8/105 person-years). Thus, 53% of the patients had BBS less than 40%. Burn injuries were more frequent and larger with higher mortality in females than in males (P < 0.00001). There was also statistically significant correlation between age groups, gender, and BBS with mortality rate (P < 0.00001). Flame was the most common etiology of burns (63.7%). There was also significant correlation between age groups and type of burns (P < 0.00001). Suicide attempts for all patients ≥ 13 years were the cause of 12% (59/468) of the burns involving women and of 4% (7/151) of the burns involving men. The overall case fatality rate was 33.4% (292/874). The mortality rate was significantly higher for self-inflicted burns (72%, 48/66) than for accidental burns (30%, 244/808). Most of the lesion requiring hospital admission occurred during the winter months.


A large number of burn injuries, which affect children and females, occur in the domestic setting and could have been prevented. Therefore, it is necessary to implement programs for health education relating to prevention of burn injuries focusing on the domestic setting. Most of the burn injuries were caused by domestic accidents and were therefore preventable.

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