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Neuroprotective effect of a new synthetic aspirin-decursinol adduct in a rat model of ischemic stroke


Stroke is a major cause of death. This study investigated the preventative effect of a new synthetic drug on brain function in experimentally induced ischemic stroke.


Male Sprague-Dawley rats were administered aspirin (ASA), decursinol (DA) or ASA-DA before and after ischemic insults. Brain and neuronal damage were examined by TTC staining, PEP-CT, NeuN immunohistochemistry and F-J B histofluorescence. Gliosis was also observed by GFAP and iba-1 immunohistochemistry.


Pretreatment with 20 mg/kg, but not 10 mg/kg, of ASA-DA protected against ischemic neuronal death and damage, and its neuroprotective effect was much more pronounced than that of ASA or DA alone. In addition, treatment with 20 mg/kg ASA-DA reduced the ischemia-induced activation of astrocytes and microglia.


Our findings indicate that ASA-DA, a new synthetic drug, prevents against transient focal cerebral ischemia, which provides a resource for the development of its clinical application for stroke.

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