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Table 5 Estimated costs of renal replacement therapy (RRT).

From: Sustained low efficiency dialysis using a single-pass batch system in acute kidney injury - a randomized interventional trial: the REnal Replacement Therapy Study in Intensive Care Unit PatiEnts

  SLED (using a high-flux membrane) SLED (using an AKI membrane) CVVH
RRT costs/day (acquisition cost for the Genius and water preparation device included with €8/treatment. Number of membranes used per treatment were considered) €63.2 €206.7 €209.3
Overall modality costs per treatment (nursing included, without technician, physician and other medical staff) €96.8 €240.4 €258.9
Reimbursement for modality/day
(German DRG system)
€221.0 €221.0 €300.0
  1. DRG: German diagnosis-related groups; SLED: sustained low efficiency dialysis; CVVH: continuous veno-venous hemofiltration.