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Table 2 Future research questions in vitamin D and sepsis

From: Vitamin D in sepsis: from basic science to clinical impact

Vitamin D and the burden of sepsis in the community
   • What serum 25(OH)D concentration is optimal for immune function?
   • Can vitamin D supplementation reduce the incidence of infection and progression to sepsis?
   • Is vitamin D a causal factor of racial health disparities in sepsis?
   • Is vitamin D a causal factor of the seasonal variations in infection and sepsis?
Vitamin D in the health-care setting
   • Is serum 25(OH)D concentration a reliable measure of vitamin D in critical illness?
   • Can acute vitamin D repletion alter the progression of sepsis and severity of organ dysfunction?
   • Can vitamin D repletion reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections?
   • What is a safe dosing schedule for rapid vitamin D repletion and maintenance therapy in hospitalized patients?
  1. 25(OH)D, 25 hydroxyvitamin D.