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Table 2 Time and cause of death

From: Serial soluble neurofilament heavy chain in plasma as a marker of brain injury after cardiac arrest

  Circulatory/MOF Neurological Other
Number of patients 8 33 2
Time of death (d) 2 (2-32) 7 (3-17) 29 and 46
Withdrawal of intensive care 0 28 0
Time of withdrawal (d) NA 6 (3-10) NA
  1. Assessment of cause of death in dying patients, including time of death, the number of patients where intensive care was withdrawn, and time of withdrawal. In patients where intensive care was withdrawn due to neurological reasons the cause of death was assessed as due to neurological reasons. Other includes premorbid disease and other interfering disease (septicaemia) unrelated to the cardiac arrest. Time is shown in days (d) as median (range). NA = not applicable; MOF = Multi-organ failure