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Volume 5 Supplement 5

21st International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine

A new adjunctive system to obtain higher PaO2 with nasal cannula or catheter: double trunk mask


In our experience, very often, even with a non-rebreathing mask (NRM), high oxygen delivery to patient with the existent materials is insufficient. However, many of these patients need high oxygen therapy for a limited period of time. In this study we report our experience with a new device that serves to increase the concentration of oxygen delivered by a classical nasal cannula or catheter. It is not an oxygen mask.


To demonstrate how a simple adjunctive system to classical nasal cannula or catheter improves considerably the oxygenation of patients at constant O2 flow rate.


Prospective, observational study.


The double trunk mask (DTM) is a modified tusk mask described by Hnatiuk. It is composed by a normal aerosol mask with 22 mm of diameter lateral holes, 38 cm of long flexible tubing are inserted to each side of the mask. The DTM is just applied to the face of the patients who already receive O2 through a nasal cannula or catheter. Forty-five consecutive patients, admitted in the ER or ICU, and needing oxygen delivery, are included in our study. The data collected are: PaO2, PaCO2, breathing rate with a mean flow rate of 3.58 l/min, at t0, t30 min prior to DTM and then 30 min after DTM application.


Table 1 Results


In patients who remain insufficiently oxygenated although receiving O2 with classical nasal cannula or catheter, the DTM is a new, simple and efficient system to obtain high PaO2 at the same O2 flow rate and without significant change in PaCO2.

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Bodur, G., Duprez, F., Laghmiche, A. et al. A new adjunctive system to obtain higher PaO2 with nasal cannula or catheter: double trunk mask. Crit Care 5, P001 (2001).

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