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Table 4 C-statistics of performance of RTS, T-RTS, TRISS, MGAP and GAP in the validation data seta

From: Revised trauma scoring system to predict in-hospital mortality in the emergency department: Glasgow Coma Scale, Age, and Systolic Blood Pressure score

Scoring system Long-term mortality Short-term mortality
RTS 0.919 0.966
T-RTS 0.917 0.968
TRISS 0.948 0.969
MGAP 0.924 0.954
GAP 0.933 0.965
  1. aRTS: Revised Trauma Score; T-RTS: Triage RTS; TRISS: Trauma and Injury Severity Score; MGAP: Mechanism, Glasgow Coma Scale, Age, and Arterial Pressure; GAP: Glasgow Coma Scale, Age and Systolic Blood Pressure.