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  1. We analyzed the causes and results of utilization of critical careservices in the special care unit in patients after surgical proceduresperformed by the hepatobiliary surgical service during a 23-month period.

    Authors: Stephen P Povoski, Robert J Downey, Paul S Dudrick, Yuman Fong, William R Jarnigan, Jeffrey S Groeger and Leslie H Blumgart
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:139
  2. Abdominal compartment syndrome is defined as the adverse physiologic effects of increased intra-abdominal pressure. Prolonged, unrelieved pressure may lead to respiratory compromise, renal impairment, cardiac ...

    Authors: Samir Johna, Edward Taylor, Charlie Brown and Grenith Zimmerman
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:135
  3. Hepatic injury after ischemia/reperfusion is attributed to thedevelopment of oxygen free radical (OFR)-mediated lipid peroxidation - aprocess that can be measured through its byproducts, specificallymalondiald...

    Authors: WynD Nguyen, DonaldH Kim, HasanB Alam, HaydeeS Provido and JohnR Kirkpatrick
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:127
  4. Nutritional support has become a routine part of the care of the critically ill patient. It is an adjunctive therapy, the main goal of which is to attenuate the development of malnutrition, yet the effectivene...

    Authors: Charles Weissman
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:R67
  5. A inverse correlation has been found between changes in ionizedcalcium concentrations and the addition of albumin in vitro, which mayexplain adverse cardiovascular effects attributed to exogenous albumin invivo. ...

    Authors: Brian L Erstad, Hal Richards, Susan Rose, Paul Nakazato and John Fortune
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:117
  6. To assess the value of parameters derived from arterial blood gastests in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism.

    Authors: Renato Prediletto, Massimo Miniati, Lucia Tonelli, Bruno Formichi, Giorgio Di Ricco, Carlo Marini, Carolina Bauleo, Germana Allescia, Franca Cocci, Simonetta Monti, Massimo Pistolesi and Carlo Giuntini
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:111
  7. Measurement of cardiac output and extravascular lung water incritically ill patients using femoral artery double-indicator dilution involvesfemoral artery catheterization. The potential risk of vascular compro...

    Authors: NicholasH Boyle, PeterC Roberts, Bernice Ng, Haim Berkenstadt, Angela McLuckie, RichardJ Beale and RobertC Mason
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:95