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  1. Although the standard tracheostomy described in 1909 by Jacksonhas been extensively used in critical patients, a more simple procedure thatcan be performed at the bedside is needed. Since 1957 several differen...

    Authors: José M Añón, Vicente Gómez, Mª Paz Escuela, Vicente De Paz, Luis F Solana, Rosa M De La Casa, Juan C Pérez, Eugenio Zeballos and Luis Navarro
    Citation: Critical Care 2000 4:124
  2. The femoral vein is an important site for central venous access innewborns and infants. The objectives of this study are to determine whether ageor weight can be used clinically to predict the size of the femo...

    Authors: Olugbenga A Akingbola, James Nielsen, Robert L Hopkins and Edwin M Frieberg
    Citation: Critical Care 2000 4:120