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  1. The relation of procalcitonin (PCT) plasma concentrations comparedwith C-reactive protein (CRP) was analyzed in patients with different severityof multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) and systemic inflam...

    Authors: Michael Meisner, Klaus Tschaikowsky, Thomas Palmaers and Joachim Schmidt
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:45
  2. To non-invasively study the effects of continuous positive airwaypressure breathing (CPAP) on renal vascular resistance in normal subjects andrenal allograft recipients, in other words those with with denervat...

    Authors: Rose A Sharkey, Eithne MT Mulloy, Michelle Long and Shane J O'Neill
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:33
  3. In recent years, rural hospitals have expanded their scope ofspecialized services, which has led to the development and staffing of ruralintensive care units (ICUs). There is little information about the bread...

    Authors: John F Fieselmann, Jeanne M Bock, Michael S Hendryx, Douglas Wakefield, Charles M Helms and Suzanne E Bentler
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:23
  4. Meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) is still a condition associatedwith a high mortality, and many patients require extracorporeal membraneoxygenation (ECMO) as rescue therapy. Beneficial effects of surfactant ...

    Authors: Jens C Möller, Martina Kohl, Irwin Reiss, Wiebke Diederich, Esther M Nitsche, Wolfgang Göpel and Ludwig Gortner
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:19
  5. Increased serum levels of procalcitonin (ProCT) and its componentpeptides have been reported in humans with sepsis. Using a hamster model ofbacterial peritonitis, we investigated whether serum ProCT levels are...

    Authors: Paul M Steinwald, Kevin T Whang, Kenneth L Becker, Richard H Snider, Eric S Nylen and Jon C White
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:11
  6. Nitric oxide (NO) is a very reactive agent with potentially toxicoxidation products such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Therefore, duringNO inhalation a constant inspired concentration and accurate measurement of NOa...

    Authors: Ralf Kuhlen, Thilo Busch, Martin Max, Matthias Reyle-Hahn, Konrad J Falke and Rolf Rossaint
    Citation: Critical Care 1999 3:1
  7. Authors: Reiko Izumi RN, Motomu Shimaoka MD, PhD, Chiemi Nagaoka RN, Masayasu Komaki RN, Ayako Mizutani RN, Myonsun Yoh PhD, Takeshi Honda MD, PhD, Nobuyuki Taenaka MD, PhD and Ikuto Yoshiya MD, PhD
    Citation: Critical Care 1998 2:79
  8. The aim of this study was to compare pre-arrest and post-resuscitation organ perfusion values and to investigate whether, during the post-resuscitation phase, administration of the angiotensin II antagonist te...

    Authors: Hans-Ulrich Strohmenger, Karl H Lindner, Wolfgang Wienen and Peter Radermacher
    Citation: Critical Care 1998 2:49