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Table 2 Distribution of patients in the mechanical ventilation process according to the mode of ventilation at enrollment

From: The PROMIZING trial enrollment algorithm for early identification of patients ready for unassisted breathing

Study algorithm Group Mechanical ventilation phase Patients with ACV
n (%)
Patients with PSV
n (%)
p value
Not ready for weaning group Recovery 19 (46) 118 (36) 0.211
ZERO CPAP tolerance and SBT failure groups Weaning 11 (27) 128 (40) 0.119
SNR Group Liberation 11 (27) 79 (24) 0.724
  1. ACV: assist control ventilation, CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure, PSV: pressure support ventilation, SBT: spontaneous breathing trial, SNR: screened and non-randomized