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Table 2 Included study characteristics

From: The prognostic utility of protein C as a biomarker for adult sepsis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study author Year Country Study setting Prognostic or diagnostic N Sepsis definition PC assay Prognostic outcome Diagnostic outcome
Chornenki [28] 2020 Canada MC, ICU Diagnostic 357 Sepsis-3 ELISA Sepsis + DIC
Masuda [27] 2020 Japan SC, ED Diagnostic 107 Sepsis-1 Sepsis + DIC
Ishikura [29] 2014 Japan SC, ED Diagnostic 84 Sepsis-1 Coagulation Analyzer Sepsis
Mihajlovic [30] 2016 Serbia SC, ED, IDC Prognostic 150 Sepsis-2 Coagulation Analyzer 28-day mortality
Dwivedi [31] 2012 Canada MC, ICU Prognostic 80 Sepsis-2 ELISA Mortality
Umemura [32] 2016 Japan SC, ED Both 79 Sepsis-1 Coagulation Analyzer Mortality Sepsis + DIC
Liaw [33] 2019 Canada MC, ICU Prognostic 356 Sepsis-3 ELISA 28-day mortality
Lorente [34] 1993 Spain ICU Both 48 Sepsis-1 Immunoelectro-phoresis 28-day mortality Septic shock
Walborn [35] 2020 USA ICU Both 103 Sepsis-1 Coagulation Analyzer 28-day mortality Sepsis + DIC
Koyama [36] 2014 Japan SC, ICU Both 77 Sepsis-2 Coagulation Analyzer 28-day mortality Sepsis + DIC
Shapiro [37] 2009 USA MC, ED Both 971 Sepsis-1 ELISA In-hospital mortality Severe Sepsis
Karamarkovic [38] 2005 Serbia SC Both 59 Sepsis-1 Coagulation Analyzer Mortality Surgical sepsis
  1. MC multicenter, SC single center, ED emergency department, ICU intensive care unit, IDC infectious disease clinic, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation