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Table 2 Characteristics of patients with a positive Pneumocystis jirovecii qPCR

From: Pneumocystis pneumonia risk among viral acute respiratory distress syndrome related or not to COVID 19

Patient, age, sex Underlying disease Date of PCP diagnosis Viral association Respiratory sample Direct examination (IFI or MGG) Pneumocystis qPCR BDG (pg/ml)* Time between ICU admission and positive sample (day) Treatment
P1, 58y, M Diabetus mellitus
Congestive heart failure
14/01/2014 Coronavirus, Rhinovirus BAL Negative 36.7 NA 1 No
P2, 73y, M Renal transplantation
Diabetus mellitus
Congestive heart failure
29/08/2015 Coronavirus BAL Positive 32 106 0 Yes (sulfamethoxazole)
P3, 52y, M Myasthenia (steroid, azathioprine) 04/07/2012 Respiratory syncytial virus BAL Negative 39.8 NA 1 No
P4, 32y, F Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (methotrexate and aracytabine) 08/01/2019 Metapneumovirus BAL Positive 27.9 188 0 Yes (sulfamethoxazole)
P5, 67y, M Cirrhosis, rheumatoid polyarthritis (steroid) 22/04/2019 Coronavirus NL63 BAL Negative 36.6 NA 1 No
  1. M = male, F = female, P = patient; BDG = (1–3)-β-D-glucan,*BDglucan not performed in the lab before 2013. BDglucan was performed using the Fungitell kit™ (Cape Cod Inc, USA) with a positivity threshold of 80 pg/mL; qPCR of P.jirovecii was performed using a region of the mitochondrial large subunit rRNA gene (LSU) after DNA extraction with a Qiasymphony kit (Qiagen, Courtaboeuf, France)