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Table 2 Comparison between withdrawal and responded patients in length of ICU stay, duration of use of corticosteroid, use of sedative, use of analgesic, and MV hours

From: Effect of an ICU diary on psychiatric disorders, quality of life, and sleep quality among adult cardiac surgical ICU survivors: a randomized controlled trial

VariablesWithdrawal (n = 31)Responded (n = 95)Z/TP
Length of ICU stay (h)99.44 ± 64.5365.07 ± 33.252.85a0.01*
Duration of use of corticosteroid (days), median3 (2.5)2 (0.3)− 3.010.00*
Duration of use of sedatives (days), median1 (0.4)0 (0.2)− 2.660.01*
Duration of use of analgesics (days), median1 (0.4)0 (0.2)− 2.170.03*
Duration of MV (h), median43.5 (19.83, 110.42)20.17 (16.5, 42.58)− 2.640.01*
  1. Statistical analysis was performed using the Mann-Whitney U test, MV mechanical ventilation; *P < 0.05
  2. aIndependent t test