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Table 3 Kidney biomarkers used to predict successful discontinuation of RRT

From: Determining the optimal time for liberation from renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis (DOnE RRT)

Test/parameterValue/cut-offTimingRRT modalitySnSpORAUROCPublication
Serum cystatin C
 2.47 mg/LInitiationCRRT0.950.54 0.75Yang et al. [30]
 2.98 mg/LICU admissionCRRT0.810.844.760.87Zhang et al. [31]
 2.97 mg/LDiscontinuationCRRT0.800.58 0.71Yang et al. [30]
 1.85 mg/LDiscontinuationCRRT0.760.630.290.74Kim et al. [28]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.74Yang et al. [29]
Cystatin C-based eGFR
 32.9 mL/min/1.73m2DiscontinuationCRRT0.650.761.250.75Kim et al. [40]
 > 15,767InitiationCRRT  0.540.58Han et al. [18]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT0.910.45 0.65Kim et al. [28]
 403 ng/mLDiscontinuationCRRT0.910.61 0.81Chen et al. [19]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.66Yang et al. [30]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.60Yang et al. [30]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.55Yang et al. [30]
Serum osteopontin
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.61Yang et al. [30]