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Table 2 Conventional biochemical criteria used to predict successful discontinuation of RRT

From: Determining the optimal time for liberation from renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis (DOnE RRT)

Test/parameterValue/cut-offTimingRRT modalitySnSpORAUROCPublication
Serum creatinine
 299.68 umol/LInitiationCRRT0.790.79 0.75Yoshida et al. [17]
 Not specifiedInitiationCRRT   0.59Han et al. [18]
 224 umol/LDiscontinuationCRRT0.720.77 0.76Chen et al. [19]
 Per umol/L increaseDiscontinuationCRRT   0.48Frohlich et al. [20]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.64Uchino et al. [21]
 Not specifiedDiscontinuationCRRT   0.73Katayama et al. [22]
2-h creatinine clearance
 23 mL/min12 h pre-stopNot specified  1.110.82Frohlich et al. [20]
Residual creatinine clearance
 Not specified24–48 h pre-stopNot specified   0.90Gleeson et al. [23]
Kinetic eGFR
 20.58 mL/min/1.73 m2DiscontinuationCRRT0.710.92 0.87Yoshida et al. [17]
 26.21 mL/min/1.73 m2D1 post-stopCRRT0.710.85 0.83Yoshida et al. [17]
24 h urine creatinine
 > 5.2 mol/24 hD0 post-stopCRRT, SLED,0.570.96 0.76Viallet et al. [26]
  D1IHD0.750.88 0.86 
  D2 0.860.81 0.86 
Urine urea
 > 148 mmol/LDiscontinuationIHD, CRRT0.650.90 0.82Aniort et al. [25]
Daily urinary urea excretion
 > 1.35 mmol/kg/dayDiscontinuationIHD, CRRT0.890.97 0.96Aniort et al. [25]