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Fig. 2

From: Surgery for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage

Fig. 2

Case 01 of open craniotomy for hematoma drainage. a Day 1—a large intraparenchymal hematoma centered on the putamen, right insular, and frontotemporal region, with extravasation into the subarachnoid space of the sylvian fissure and temporal fossa, measuring about 6.1 × 4.5 × 4.8 cm on its largest axes. b Day 2—Hematoma was surgically removed by open craniotomy. CT shows signs of surgical manipulation characterized by enlargement and densification of soft tissue planes with gaseous foci underlying the right parietotemporal craniotomy. There was reduction of the dimensions of the intraparenchymal hematoma. c Day 7—Follow-up CT scan 6 days after surgical drainage. d Day 21—Follow-up CT scan 21 days after surgical drainage. Patient was discharged home after this last CT scan with a modified Rankin scale 4 (able to walk with assistance)

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