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Table 2 Vasopressor titrationa

From: Vasoplegic syndrome following cardiothoracic surgery—review of pathophysiology and update of treatment options

NE equivalentb (μg/kg/min)Vasopressin (U/min)Methylene bluec (mg/kg)Angiotensin II (ng/kg/min)d,eHydroxycobalaminf (g)
If you have just titrated NE to:Make sure vaso is:AdministerAnd titrate ang II to:Administer
< 0.05< 0.07NoAng II offcNo
0.05–0.1< 0.07Yes10cYes
0.1–0.15< 0.07Yes20Yes
0.15–0.20< 0.07Yes30Yes
> 0.20< 0.07Yes40Yes
  1. aTitration driven by NE dosing, based on MAP goals
  2. bNE equivalent doses represented in Table 1
  3. c2 mg/kg IVP over 5 min or as IVPB over 20–60 min
  4. dAng II maximum dose is 40 ng/kg/min
  5. eAlways initiate Ang II at 10 ng/kg/min. In patients who are hyper responders or extremely hemodynamically dependent on Ang II, consider titrating down Ang II to 5 ng/kg/min before titrating off
  6. f5 g infused over 15 min