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Table 1 Immediate recommendations

From: A call for collaboration and consensus on training for endotracheal intubation in the medical intensive care unit

Immediate recommendations to reduce variation and foster competence

Continued multispecialty research to establish criteria for competence in airway management

Shift from number-based assessment toward individualized longitudinal competence-based assessments

Adoption of modern, evidence-based procedural training methodologies (e.g., mastery learning, video laryngoscopy with real-time coaching, expert modeling)

Increased reliance on frequent real-time MICU patient airway management experiences

Simulation and operating room experiences as adjuncts to out-of-operating-room patient airway management experiences

Increased training collaboration between PCCM specialists and anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and pediatric intensivist intubation training experts

Establishment of a national multispecialty and PCCM-specific working groups to draft guidelines for training in airway management