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Table 3 Associations between HFNO plus awake prone positioning and the endpoint of intubation and 28-day mortality in the original population and weighted population

From: Awake prone positioning does not reduce the risk of intubation in COVID-19 treated with high-flow nasal oxygen therapy: a multicenter, adjusted cohort study

Analysis Hazard ratio (95% CI); p value
 Crude analysis 0.879 (0.538, 1.435); p = 0.60
 Inverse probability weighting analysis 1.002 (0.531, 1.890); p = 0.99
28-day mortality
 Crude analysis 1.046 (0.402, 2.722); p = 0.92
 Inverse probability weighting analysis 2.411 (0.556, 10.442); p = 0.23
  1. Logistic models were fitted to predict treatment at baseline using the following variables as predictors of treatment: age, sex, obesity, non-respiratory sequential organ failure assessment severity score, APACHE II, C-reactive protein, days from symptoms onset to high-flow nasal therapy start, respiratory rate, and peripheral oxyhemoglobin saturation
  2. CI confidence interval