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Table 2 DI-MS/MS based on 20 important metabolites (VIP > 1.0) that contributed to separate 90-day non-survivors from survivors

From: Plasma lipid profiling for the prognosis of 90-day mortality, in-hospital mortality, ICU admission, and severity in bacterial community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Quantified metabolites by DI-MS/MS
  Increased in non-survivors Decreased in non-survivors
1 C5-DC (C6-OH) (glutaryl-l-carnitine) Tryptophan
2 C3-DC (C4-OH) (malonyl carnitine) LysoPC a C18:0
3 C5-M-DC (methylglutaryl-l-carnitine) LysoPC a C18:1
4 C5:1 (tigyl-l-carnitine) PC aa C38:5
5 Glycine PC aa C38:4
6 C9 (lysophophatidylethanolamine, nonayl-l-carnitine) LysoPC a C16:1
7 PC ae C40:2 (glycerol 3-phosphocholine)  
8 PC aa C42:1 (lecithin, PC)  
9 PC aa C40:3  
10 PC ae C36:1  
11 PC ae C38:1 (lecithin, phosphatidylcholine)  
12 PC aa C40:1 (lecithin, PC)  
13 PC aa C42:2 (lecithin, PC)  
14 PC aa C40:2  
  1. This shows the increased and decreased metabolites in non-survivors vs. survivors. The order of metabolites reflects the relative amount of change