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Table 2 Prone and supine placements and reported adverse events during the procedure on the study period. (data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation or number (percentage)). The 367 placements represent the placement in prone or supine positions

From: Usefulness and safety of a dedicated team to prone patients with severe ARDS due to COVID-19

  Prone/Supine positioning placements, n (%) or mean ± SD (n = 367)
Number of placements performed
 Daily 11.5 ± 3.4
 First 2-day period 7 ± 1.4
 Acme 2-day period 20 ± 4.2
 Last 2-day period 5 ± 0
 Under VV-ECMO 124 (34%)
Adverse events recorded during placements
  Cardiac arrest 0
  Unscheduled extubation 0
  Severe desaturation (SpO2 < 85%)* 5 (1%)
  Accidental device removing or disconnection† 6 (2%)
  1. *Needing medical intervention
  2. †Minor: one epistaxis following accidental removing of naso-gastric tube, four incidental disconnections of ventilator lines, one incidental removing of central venous catheter