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Table 1 Baseline clinical and laboratory characteristics of critically ill patients. Quantitative data are shown as median (1st and 3rd quartile); reference values are provided for PCT and WBC; ns not significant

From: Serum and fecal profiles of aromatic microbial metabolites reflect gut microbiota disruption in critically ill patients: a prospective observational pilot study

ParameterACICCIp value
Age58 (47–67)45 (20–70)ns
SOFA5 (3–6)4 (4–5.5)ns
BMI26 (24.0–36.2)21.8 (20.7–24.3)< 0.05
PCT (0.25 ng/mL)1.84 (0.39–2.00)0.04 (0.02–0.08)< 0.05
WBC (4–9 × 109/L)12.7 (9.6–15.1)9.6 (7.6–10.6)ns
  1. SOFASequential Organ Failure Assessment,PCTprocalcitonin,WBCwhite blood cells,BMIbody mass index