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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and outcomes of COVID patients treated by prone position combine with HFNC

From: Early awake prone position combined with high-flow nasal oxygen therapy in severe COVID-19: a case series

Case no.GenderAge (years)ComorbidityImagine featuresTime from illness onset to hospitalizationBaseline PF (onset of HFNC) (mmHg)WBC (× 109/L)L (× 109/L)PCT (ng/ml)CRP (mg/L)D-dimer (mg/L)IntubationLength of stay (days)Outcome
1Male54 Bilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation10156.
2Female56DMBilateral lobes, GGO5169.
3Male47DM, HBPBilateral pulmonary infiltration10123.
4Female65 Bilateral lobes, GGO6117.
5Female51HBPBilateral pulmonary infiltration10205.
6Male43 Bilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation6188.82.20.8<
7Female48HBPBilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation989.14.70.5<
8Female51 Bilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation5155.59.52.0<
9Male56HBPBilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation6227.83.61.1<
10Male31 Bilateral lobes, GGO and consolidation1134.