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Table 4 Demographic data, the patient characteristics and ECMO data of 3 included studies with COVID-19 outbreak (2019–2020)

From: ECMO use in COVID-19: lessons from past respiratory virus outbreaks—a narrative review

First authorPublished date/countryStudy designStudy populationECMO pts./total pts.Age of ECMO pts. (years)PaO2/FIO2a (mmHg)MV durationa (day)ECMO duration (days)Discharged Aliveb, n (%)
Huang C [27]January 24, 2020/Wuhan, ChinaProspective/single centreWard and ICU2 /41NANANANANA
Chen N [53]January 30, 2020/Wuhan, ChinaRetrospective/single centreWard and ICU3/99NANANANANA
Wang D [28]February 07, 2020/Wuhan, ChinaRetrospective/single centreWard and ICU4 /138NANANANANA
Yang X [29]February 21, 2020/Wuhan, ChinaRetrospective/single centreICU6 /52NANANANA1 (16.7%)
Guan W [54]February 28, 2020/ChinaProspective/multicentreWard and ICU5/1099NANANANANA
Zhou F [30]March 9, 2020/Wuhan, ChinaRetrospective/multicentreWard and ICU3/191NANANANA0/3 (0%)
Li X [55]March 30, 2020/Shanghai, ChinaRetrospective/multicentreICU8/1664.3 ± 17.666.1 ± 7.89.7 ± 5.727.1 ± 17.73/7f
Chen R [56]April 11, 2020/ChinaRetrospective/multicentreWard and ICU 575 hospitals171/1590NANANANANA
ELSO registry [57]April 22, 2020/ELSO centresECMO48749 (41–56)75 (62–100)c90 (34–135)190 (118–280)d36/90 (40%)e
EuroELSO survey [58]April 18, 2020/19 countriesECMO82052.4NANANANAf
  1. Mean ± SD or median (range)
  2. ICU intensive care unit admission, MV mechanical ventilation, NA not applicable, pts. patients
  3. aData before ECMO support
  4. bDischarged alive of patients who underwent ECMO support
  5. cFor 332 cases with data available among total 487 cases
  6. dFor 200 cases that have completed their ECMO run
  7. eFor only 109 cases those cases discharged alive/dead
  8. f423 cases: ongoing, 217 cases: weaned, 189 cases: withdrawal for death