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Table 1 Search terms

From: Recommendations for fluid management of adults with sepsis in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of guidelines

(“Sepsis”[Mesh] OR “Infection”[Mesh] OR sepsis[Title/Abstract] OR septic[Title/Abstract]) AND (“Infusions, Intraosseous”[Mesh] OR “Infusions, Parenteral”[Mesh] OR “Infusions, Intravenous”[Mesh] OR fluid*[Title/Abstract] OR intravenous[Title/Abstract] OR shock[Title/Abstract]) AND (“Practice Guideline” [Publication Type] OR “Guidelines as Topic”[Mesh] OR “Guideline” [Publication Type] OR guideline*[Title/Abstract] OR recommendation*[Title/Abstract]).
We also sought expert opinion to identify existing guidelines and recommendations and review the reference list of relevant sources using a network of experts in the region and a cascading approach, including contacting the relevant national health ministries.