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Table 1 Five major anatomic sites of infection and specific causes

From: Phenotypic heterogeneity by site of infection in surgical sepsis: a prospective longitudinal study

Abdominal,n(%)140 (44%)
 Small bowel obstruction/ischemia/perforation13
 Ischemic bowel22
 Anastomotic leak16
 Intragenic perforation17
 Postoperative abscess/biloma18
Pulmonary,n(%)59 (19%)
Skin/soft tissue (S/ST),n(%)56 (18%)
 Surgical site infection13
 Necrotizing soft tissue infection37
 Non-necrotizing soft tissue infection6
Genitourinary (GU),n(%)40 (12%)
 Ureter obstruction/instrumentation22
 Urinary tract infection/pyelonephritis14
Vascular,n(%)21 (7%)
 Infected prosthetic grafts12
 Mycotic aneurysm/septic thrombophlebitis5
 Central line-associated bloodstream infection4