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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies on acute kidney injury in burn patients

From: Acute kidney injury in burn patients admitted to the intensive care unit: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First author, publication yearPopulation studiedaConsecutive samplingAKI criteriaCriteria adherenceStudy designFollow-up time AKIbN, AKI/total
Lopes JA, 2007Adults, severeNoRIFLEOriginalPCS10 daysn.a.
Coca SG, 2007Adults, > 10%YesRIFLEModifiedcRCSHospital81/304
Steinvall I, 2008Adults, > 20%YesRIFLEOriginalPCSHospital31/127
Mariano F, 2008Adults, severeNoRIFLEUnknownPCS19 daysn.a.
Palimeri T, 2009Children, > 10%YesRIFLEModifieddRCSHospital56/123
Palimeri T, 2010Adults, > 20%YesRIFLEOriginalRCSIntensive32/60
Mosier MJ, 2010Adults, > 20%NoRIFLEModifiedeRCS24 hn.a.
Schneider DF, 2012Adults, > 20%NoRIFLEModifiedeRCS48 hn.a.
Chung KK, 2012Adults, unknownYesAKINModifiedcRCSHospital656/1973
Hu JY, 2012Adults, > 30%YesRIFLEOriginalRCSHospital151/396
Stewart IJ, 2013Adults, burn ICUNoAKINModifiedcRCSHospitaln.a.
Hong DY, 2013Adults, > 20%YesRIFLEOriginalPCSHospital11/45
Yang HT, 2014Adults, > 20%YesRIFLEModifiedePCS5 days31/66
Yavuz S, 2014Children, > 10%NoRIFLEOriginalPCS48 hn.a.
Noshad H, 2014Adults, unknownNoRIFLEUnknownPCSUnknownn.a.
Howell E, 2015Adults, > 20%NoRIFLEModifiedePCS48 hn.a.
Sen S, 2015Adults, > 20%NoRIFLEModifiedfPCS7 daysn.a.
Ren H, 2015Adults,> 10%NoKDIGOModifiede,gPCS48 hn.a.
Liang I, 2015Adults, > 40%NoRIFLEModifiedePCS2 daysn.a.
Yim H, 2015Adults, majorYesAKINOriginalPCS28 days40/97
Kym D, 2015Adults, > 20%YesRIFLEOriginalPCSIntensive48/85
Queiroz LF, 2016Adults, burn ICUYesKDIGOModifiedcRCSIntensive77/293
Rakkolainen I, 2016Adults, > 15%YesAKINModifiedcPCSIntensive9/19
Sanches-Sanches M, 2016Adults, > 15%NoAKINOriginalPCSIntensiven.a.
Kuo G, 2016Adults, severeYesKDIGOModifiedeRCS3 days52/145
Hundeshagen G, 2017Mix, burn centreYesKDIGOModifiedcRCS7 days88/718
Kumar AB, 2017Adults, > 20%NoAKINModifiedcRCS5 daysn.a.
Kimmel LA, 2018Adults, > 10%YesRIFLEModifiedcRCSUnknown60/267
Chun W, 2018Adults, > 20%YesAKINOriginalPCS28 days32/76
Depret F, 2018Adults, > 20%YesKDIGOOriginalPCSHospital55/87
Talizin TB, 2018Adults, > 20%NoKDIGOModifiedcPCS7 daysn.a.
Kim HY, 2019Adults, surgeryNoKDIGOModifiedcRCS7 daysn.a.
Clark AT, 2019Adults, burn ICUYesKDIGOModifiedcRCSHospital601/1040
  1. AKI acute kidney injury, N number, RIFLE Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss of kidney function, and End-stage kidney disease, AKIN Acute Kidney Injury Network, KDIGO Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes, PCS prospective cohort study, RCS retrospective cohort study, ICU intensive care unit, n.a not applicable
  2. aNumbers are percent burn injury of Total Body Surface Area
  3. bNumbers are minimal follow-up time for AKI
  4. cStudy used only creatinine criteria and not urine output criteria
  5. dStudy used paediatric version of criteria
  6. eStudy used shorter follow-up time than the criteria
  7. fStudy only used injury and failure according to RIFLE criteria
  8. gStudy only used serum creatinine increase ≥ 26.5 μmol/L within 48 h