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Table 2 Association between baseline characteristics of patients and the presence of EFL at ICU admission according to logistic regression analysis adjusted for potential confounders

From: Expiratory flow limitation in intensive care: prevalence and risk factors

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Crude odds ratio95% CIp valueAdjusted odds ratio95% CIp value
BMI (ref: < 30 kg/m2)
 ≥ 30 kg/m27.02.8–17.3< 0.00013.61.0–12.60.049
mMRC (ref: < 3)
 ≥ 319.77.3–52.8< 0.00018.02.3–27.10.001
COPD (ref: absence)
 Presence8.83.4–22.6< 0.00014.61.4–15.30.008
Heart disease (ref: absence)
CKD (ref: absence)
SOFA score (ref: < 7)
 ≥ 63.01.2–7.30.0163.61.1–12.00.036
OSAS (ref: absence)
Age (ref: < 70)
 ≥ 700.90.5–2.10.968   
Smoking history (ref: non-smoker)
 Actual smoker1.80.7–4.60.203   
 Past smoker0.90.3–2.40.834   
SAPS II (ref: < 41)
 ≥ 421.70.7–3.70.188   
  1. BMI body mass index, mMRC modified Medical Research Council scale for dyspnoea, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CKD chronic kidney disease, OSAS obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, SOFA Sequential Organ Failure Assessment, SAPS Simplified Acute Physiology Score