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Table 1 Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis

From: The impact of intensive care unit diaries on patients’ and relatives’ outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorYearDesignSubjectsSample sizeCountryDiary deliveryFollow-upToolsRisk of bias
Garrouste-Orgeas et al. [13]2019RCTPatients and relatives657FranceICU discharge90 days after ICU dischargeHADS, IES-RHigh
Nielsen et al. [12]2019RCTPatients and relatives116Western DenmarkICU discharge90 days after ICU dischargeHADS, PTSS-14, SF-36High
Kredentser et al. [11]2018RCTPatients58Canada30 days after ICU discharge90 days after ICU dischargeHADS, IES-RHigh
Jones et al. [30]2012RCTRelatives36Sweden and the UK30 days after ICU discharge90 days after ICU dischargePTSS-14High
Jones et al. [8]2010RCTPatients352Denmark, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK30 days after ICU discharge90 days after ICU dischargePDS, PTSS-14High
Knowles et al. [9]2009RCTPatients36UK30 days after ICU discharge3 weeksHADSHigh
Fukuda et al. [32]2015Before-and-afterPatients40Japan1 week after ICU discharge10 days after the post-ICU survey and prior to the discharge from the hospitalHADS, ASDSHigh
Garrouste-Orgeas et al. [28]2012Before-and-afterPatients and relatives143FranceICU discharge3 months (HADS/PDEQ), 12 months (IES-R)HADS, PDEQ, IES-RHigh
Åkerman and Langius-Eklof [26]2018ObsPatients419SwedenUnclear2, 6, and 12 months3-set 4PModerate
Glimelius Petersson et al. [29]2015ObsPatients96SwedenICU discharge2 monthsPTSS-14Serious
Svenningsen et al. [31]2014ObsPatients360Denmark1 week after ICU discharge6 monthsSF-36Serious
Backman et al. [27]2010ObsPatients499SwedenHospital discharge6 monthsSF-36Moderate
  1. RCT randomized controlled trial, ICU intensive care unit, UK United Kingdom, Obs observational cohort, ROBINS-I Risk Of Bias In Non-randomized Studies of Interventions, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, PDEQ Peritraumatic Dissociative Experiences Questionnaire, PTSS-14 Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms screening tool, SF-36 Modified Medical Outcomes Short Form, IES-R Impact of Event Scale-Revised, ASDS Acute Stress Disorder Scale, PDS Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnostic Scale